Group Exercise Classes

Aqua Fitness: A fun workout in the pool with emphasis on aerobic movements that raise your heart rate and get you in shape!
H.I.T.T: Push the boundaries of your finesses with 30 minutes of freestyle circuit training and 15 minutes of choreographed core training.

Body Pump: An energizing, weight-based group exercise class set to motivating, high energy music.

Pop, Lock & Tone it!: Show off those dance moves while  toning, and sculpting to hip hop choreography. Take your fitness, body, and swag to the next level with this combination of hip hop dance routines, weight lifting, barre work, and ab and leg sculpting – come ready to work! Cheryl, a professional dancer with years of experience, will teach you dance moves that will tone your body like never before and leave you feeling confident!

Cardio Sculpt: A full body workout involving high intensity cardio and interval training using jump ropes, weights and exercise bands.  Bring your workout to the next level! Class ends with 10 minute abs and stretching. Class may meet outdoors in warm weather.

Integral Yoga: This class draws largely from Sivananda Yoga and Integral Yoga. The two schools take an integrated approach to yoga, incorporating both the mind and body into their practices. Mentally, we focus on relaxation and rejuvenation. Physically, we follow a set sequence of postures to first warm up the body, and then to encourage strength and flexibility. Like many other schools of yoga, the series of poses is similar each time to encourage a meditative quality to the class and to ensure physical balance each time we meet.

Hatha Yoga: A relaxing yoga class focusing on various areas including simple breathing exercises and seated meditation.
Power Cycle: Each class is led by a certified instructor who takes you through a series of interval training drills. Intensity is monitored by the participant so all levels are welcome! Go hard or go easy–it’s your call. Classes are taken through a warm-up, cardio workout, cool down and stretch.

Stretch & Strength: This workout will combine strengthening and flexibility exercises. The strengthening exercises will focus on improving muscle strength and tone, balance, and bone density. Flexibility will be included in each workout to improve overall range of motion. This class is perfect for those with physical limitations or members looking for a lower intensity workout.

Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa Yoga is a style of power yoga in which poses flow from one to the other in conjunction with the breath.

Zumba: Groove to Latin and International beats in this fun dance aerobics class.  Guaranteed fun and all levels are welcome.

Abs Express: Improve the strength of your mid-section in a minimal amount of time with this 25-minute class. Instructor will help you train your abdominals and back, as well as all the other core muscles connected to your pelvis.

BurnItUp!: Want to get an awesome workout by dancing your butt off? Come to this dance party fitness class with 100 percent straight dancing to the hottest hip-hop, reggae, reggaeton, and pop beats. Get your sexy on and feel good all at once. Wine it up, back it up, push it up, throw it down, and let it GO! The class is taught with strobe lights and has choreographed with a special DJ application, so you feel like you are dancing at a club while getting an amazing workout!

Exercise Class Policies

1. Please be on time. The warm-up is important to avoid injury.
2. Please respect the instructor’s curriculum. Class structure is defined by the instructor only.
3. Remember to drink plenty of water before, during and after classes.
4. For your safety we recommend sneakers designed for aerobic classes – no street shoes are permitted.
5. No food or chewing gum allowed in the exercise studio.
6. Please keep talking aloud with your neighbor to a minimum during class.


Health & Fitness Center Hours
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