Josef Palermo, director of GLOE

Darya Watnick - Jewish Engagement Manager at the EDCJCC

Josef Palermo
Director, GLOE - The Kurlander Program for GLBTQ Outreach & Engagement

Darya Watnick
Director, Jewish Engagement & Family Programs

At the Edlavitch DCJCC, LGBTQ people are part of the life of the Center, in all areas and departments, just as it should be in all Jewish life.  That's why we want to host programs and events specifically geared towards LGBTQ youth as well as the families of LGBTQ parents, and provide opportunities to create community.  Further, we've heard from many parents who've said that they felt like they lost their LGBTQ community after having kids—and we knew there was no reason this had to happen.  As directors, we saw that in our two separate departments, there was a great opportunity to work together where we overlap. And we are so excited to continue doing just that, working together and building community, as we relaunch GLOE Youth & Family this fall with a slate of new programs to kick-off the new Jewish year.

We believe families come in so many beautiful forms that if we tried to define who we mean, we'd be leaving out too many of ourselves and other people we want around.  At GLOE Youth & Family programs, we know families are made up of people who care about each otherthey are younger or older, have kids or don't have kids, are married or not, and many other combinations.  If you want to be part of our programs that are geared towards LGBTQ youth and families, you are welcome.

We hope you'll join us at our many future GLOE Youth & Family events!


Josef Palermo Signature    Darya Watnick - Jewish Engagement Manager at the EDCJCC
Josef Palermo
Director, GLOE - The Kurlander Program for GLBTQ Outreach & Engagement
   Darya Watnick
Director, Jewish Engagement &
Family Programs



GLOE Youth & Family Shabbat Clusters Apples for Everyone! A Family Food Justice Program


Friday, September 8,
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Edlavitch DCJCC

In partnership with the EDCJCC Jewish Life department’s Family Engagement programs, GLOE Youth & Family (a project of GLOE - The Kurlander Program for GLBTQ Outreach & Engagement at the Edlavitch DCJCC) is organizing an LGBTQ family Shabbat cluster to join other family clusters at this seasonal kick-off dinner.Family Shabbat clusters are groups of 3-4 families who get together monthly for an informal potluck Shabbat dinner, a Shabbat afternoon playdate, or a Shabbat lunch. Clusters are a great, casual way to get to know more Jewish families with children in the DC metro area. We welcome all kinds of families including interfaith families interested in exploring Shabbat in a safe, joyful, family focused environment.


Sunday, September 24,

11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Everybody Grows Garden
in Northeast DC

Join the Edlavitch DCJCC in a “glean and learn” at a nearby farm! We will pick produce to donate and learn about food waste and food accessibility with Darya Watnick, Director of Jewish Engagement at the EDCJCC, and Jewish Outdoor, Food/Farming, and Environmental Education Fellow with Hazon. Since this program will be happening on the Sunday between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur we will also be honoring tashlich, the casting away of negativities, with an activity to reflect on our hopes for ourselves, our families, and our communities in the coming year.

Co-presented with the Morris Cafritz Center for Community Service, and GLOE Youth & Family.

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Upcoming Events at the Edlavitch DCJCC 

September 11 || Family Programs || Challah Tots
At Challah Tots, you will enjoy a storytime, crafts, and braiding a challah to take home to bake for Shabbat! Whole Foods Market provides the dough, and the Edlavitch DCJCC, PJ Library, and our partners will provide the actvities and the braiding help (if you'd like). It's fun, easy and free!

September 20 || Family Programs || Day of Awe-some: Exploring Rosh Hashanah
Want to provide a meaningful way for your young children to connect with the holiday of Rosh Hashanah? Come to Day of Awe-some: Rosh Hashanah for Families, to hear the shofar, taste apples and honey and the start off a new year of beautiful wishes through songs, crafts and stories in an atmosphere that welcomes everyone and caters to kids.

GLOE Youth & Family

Celebrating LGBTQ Parents, Kids,
Teens, Couples and Families of all Kinds



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All resources below are listed for your convenience and interest, but each has been created by independent organizations or individuals. GLOE is not responsible for the content or information provided, other than our own.

Other LGBT Events and Resources in the Local Community

GLOE's Community Listings - DC area 

JQ Baltimore: Jewish LGBTQ Outreach and Support - JQ Baltimore is a grassroots organization striving to make the Baltimore area a welcoming and inclusive model Jewish Community for LGBTQ youth, families and allies.

Support for Family Members of LGBTQ Jewish Kids

Keshet Parent & Family Connection - We are parents and family members of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) Jews who are coming together to transform the Jewish community through peer support, public events, and advocating for institutional change. We come from all streams of the Jewish world, have children of all genders and sexual orientations, and are driven by personal journeys of struggle and celebration. Request one-on-one peer support from one of our trained mentors.

Eshel/JQ Baltimore LGBT Orthodox Support Group - A small private gathering for people who identify as LGBT and are Orthodox, Ortho-curious, or formerly Orthodox.  It is also for parents of LGBT people who live within Orthodox communities and struggle with their child's sexual orientation or gender identity.  Meetings are the first Monday of each month from 7 to 9 p.m.  Details on the location will be given after RSVPing to

Eshel Orthodox Parents Retreat (May 5-7, 2017) - Join the fifth annual Eshel Orthodox Parents Retreat at the Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp in Copake, NY.  Connect with other parents in a warm, intimate atmopshere by attending informative workshops with experienced faculty.  Get inspired and feel part of something, rather than apart from something.  The retreat offers parents community, immediate understanding, the freedom to speak that comes with that understanding, the chance to learn, and the opportunity to model healthy acceptance.

LGBT Family Books

Flamingo Rampant Book Club - Empowering, celebratory LGBTQ2S-themed kids' picture books for 4-8 year olds, delivered right to your home or school every other month. Created by LGBTQ Jewish writer/storyteller/activist/icon S. Bear Bergman. "These books celebrate the great and wide variety of LGBTQ2S kids, families, and communities. That means when our books feature lesbian mums or gay dads, they get storylines: travels, adventures and mysteries to solve, rather than entire books pointing out that we exist."

10 Books Every LGBT Parent Should Read - From Mombian: "Books about LGBT parenting are few and far between, but here are ten that I recommend for all LGBT parents and prospective parents. I chose works that each showcase a variety of voices, rather than single-person memoirs, so each one would resonate as widely as possible. I also chose books that focus on the emotional side of parenting rather than medical and legal how-to works, since the latter tend to be specific to particular segments of the LGBT community."

Multiple lists of LGBT-related books, many with Jewish content, curated by a friend of GLOE. Lists include:
   -Jewish LGBT/Queer/Gay & Lesbian Books (Books on being both)
   -My Favorite Gay Teen Books
   -Children's Books with LGBT Families in Spanish & French
   -Children's Books with Diverse Families (Including LGBT Families)
   -Children's Books with LGBT Themes & Celebrating Difference
   -Children's Books with LGBT Families & Characters

New U.S. Young Adult (YA) LGBT books published in 2012, curated by Malinda Lo: "By 'LGBT YA novels' I mean young adult novels with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning main characters. That means many books that include secondary or supporting LGBTQ characters are not going to appear on this list. While supporting LGBT characters can indeed be significant, I chose to focus on MAIN characters, as I do believe there is a difference between being the star of the story and being the sidekick."   [January-March, 2012]  [April-June, 2012]

10 Outstanding LGBT Teen Reads (from the last 10 years) - From Lambda Literary's Alex Sanchez: "When I wrote my first novel, Rainbow Boys, I was writing the book I wished had been available when I was a teen—a book that would’ve told me: “It’s okay to be who you are.” I never imagined that with its 2001 my book would set off an ever-growing parade of LGBT-themed books for and about teenagers."
Categories: Girls Who Like Girls, Boys Who Like Boys, Trans Interest, Middle School/Pre-Teen, Bi Interest

For Jewish LGBTQ Teens and their Teen Allies

ROCKVILLE OPEN HOUSE: - LGBTQA Jewish Teen Safe Space Monthly Meeting
(1st Wednesday each month, September-June | 7:00-9:00 pm)

Rockville Open House (ROH) is a supervised, safe gathering space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning,or intersex (LGBTQQI) Jewish teens, and their friends and allies, between the ages of 13-18 yrs old. Teens do NOT have to be Jewish to attend. ROH is open once a month, at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington Youth Lounge - 6125 Montrose Road, Rockville, MD. For more information, please visit or

FAIRFAX OPEN HOUSE: Monthly Meeting (Currently on hold)
Fairfax Open House is a monthly support group for LGBT Jewish teens that meets the second Monday a month at the JCC in Northern Virginia. For more information friend us on Facebook, Twitter or check us out on the web at