FAQ for CampMinder

Campinder is our registration for all Enrichment Programs, Camp Programs, Traditional After School and more. We feel this integrated system will be more user-friendly as it will allow you to register for multiple classes or camps simultaneously, pay in full or pay a camp balance online and also see your family’s registration history in an integrated way.  It will also help us communicate better with you!

Campinder Accounts: Current Families Click hereNew families Click here.

The first time you log in, you will fill in information about your family and then continue to create an account. The first time you login you will be prompted to answer questions related to your family and then continue to create an account.  You will also be able to update information about your child. If you have more than one child you will can add a child once you create an account. You can do this by clicking “Another Child or Add Child” and filling out the necessary information. Once you have filled in the info you can click “Begin Application” to start the next step.Once you have set up a CampMinder account, you will be able to register for all EDCJCC School Age programs more quickly and easily in the future.

Some families will enter the initial parent info and then a window will pop up asking if there are any “other email addresses.” If you are certain that you haven’t registered for a EDCJCC camp or class (including preschool) in the past, you can click "skip" at this point to continue the registration process.  If you have been to the EDCJCC before, please try another email address when prompted, maybe a work or a personal email if you initially offered the opposite.  Consider trying the email address of a spouse or partner—it will save you time in setting up your account if you check this first.

On the Participants Application Page you can register for upcoming programs. You can now expand the page by clicking the “show programs” button in the after school section to register for as many after school programs as you would like. Once you have selected all of the programs you are interested in for your child, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Continue.”  If you have two children, you will need to register them individually for the programs.

The next few pages will ask for parental/family information and finally billing info. All families must keep an up-to-date credit card on file.

Your Dashboard includes the following options:

  • Forms and Documents: Permission slips (you will be notified if this is required for a program), health history forms,  and more
  • Participant Application: Register for programs
  • Financial Management: update contact info, update credit card information, view your statements, print invoices, pay your balance

When you apply for a class or camp, you will submit your payment information using the secure system.  However, your card will not be charged until your registration is confirmed by the Camp Director, Manager of Youth and Camp Programs, or Director of School-Aged Programs.  At that time, you will receive an emailed receipt confirming registration and payment. You will receive a confirmation of your application for the programs in which you regsitered for.

If anyone has any questions about the application or with the system in general please contact Justin Love at JustinL@edcjcc.org or Stacey Herman, at StaceyH@edcjcc.org, (202) 777-3276).

Justin Love

Justin Love
Director of  School-Aged Programs
(202) 777-3245