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"When I had my first child in 2007, I had no idea what resources existed for parents and children in the Logan Circle/Dupont Circle neighborhood.  I had lived within blocks of the J since moving to D.C. fourteen years ago, but had no idea what an important resource it would become for me as we tried to balance two young children, two full time careers and living downtown where, let’s face it, the focus is not usually on young kids.  The classes at the Parenting Center became a true lifeline – a way to not only enrich my kids’ daily lives close to our home but also to join our family to a community of other neighborhood parents with young children who were navigating the same challenges that my husband and I were.  Our kids loved the classes and we loved the community that the J created for children and their parents.  Four years later, we are still devoted to the J and continue to take advantage of the classes at the Parenting Center after school in the afternoons and on the weekends."
--Renata, mother of a 4-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl

"Ms. Michelle is, quite simply, THE BEST! We took Makin' Music with Ms. Michelle every session for a year and loved the songs, the set up & rhythm of the class but Ms. Michelle is the true highlight. We are adoring fans and feel so grateful that she passed along such a love for music to our daughter. We sing her songs everyday and count down to Tuesdays! Thank you for hiring such a fabulous teacher and offering this awesome class!"
--Marisa, mother of a 2-year-old girl

"Art for Tots was amazing! Ms. Kit is such a skilled teacher and is so good at communicating and working with children (even difficult ones). You can tell she puts so much thought into the lesson/art project for the day. She always finds the perfect book to compliment the art project. The class is the perfect amount of structure and free play.  It's truly like being in a mini preschool class. I feel lucky to have been in her class for the past 6 weeks."
--Lily, mother of a 22-month girl

s. Jamie [of Power Tots Gymnastics] is a wonderful, high-energy teacher -- my son loves her. During the class he gets a chance to burn off some steam."
--Rachel, mother of a 2-year-old boy

"Power Tots Gymnastics was a good mix of structure/skill building and letting kids run around and explore on their own. Our kids really looked forward to it and would ask about it all week. Jamie is a great instructor!"
Karyn, mother of two-year-old twins

"Just a note to tell you that my partner, our son, and I appreciate so much the variety of classes and activities that are offered at the DCJCC. Since we moved from NYC a year ago we have found the JCC to be an accepting place that has more than welcomed our same sex, multi-cultural Jewish family!  The many connections and friends made through the JCC have enriched greatly our DC living experience!  In regards to the Spanish class, it has been great for [my son]!  It is a space where he can express himself in his first language, interact with others and feel understood,  and most importantly, a space where he can be, with pride, the Puerto Rican Jew he is! Senora Luchy has created not only an excellent class but a great space for kids to socialize and learn from each other."
--Ivonne, mother of a 2-year-old boy

"Ms. Sara [the teacher of Music and Me] was great -- she sang a lot of songs, remembered all the kids' names every week, kept the flow of class moving, and used fun props for kids to play with."
--Rachel, mother of a 1-year-old boy

"I loved seeing my daughter light up each time we were at Musical Infants.  Going into the class at first, I figured that it would give us something to do, but I wasn't certain about how much she would actually enjoy and get out of the class herself.  At the very least, I thought it would be a good way to get out of the house and spend time around other moms.  After a few sessions, it was clear that she LOVED it!  She seemed to have so much fun looking at and "interacting" with the other moms and babies in the class, and by the last few sessions she was actually "singing."  When we would sing a song she would "ahhh" along!  I was amazed!  In addition to it being a really fun 45 minutes in our week,  we now have a number of new, cute songs in our repertoire.  It was great experience!!"
--Lauren, mother of a baby girl

"I highly recommend Getting Ready for Preschool at the DCJCC.  I've been taking my now-2 year old daughter since she was about 15 months, and have found it valuable enough to take the Metro all the way from Capitol Hill for this class.  [My daughter] visibly enjoys being engaged by the teacher's songs and stories.  And this class has taught her "there is a time for everything" -- playing, eating, listening, etc.  This has made routines at home much easier to establish.  The interaction with other toddlers her age has also been very helpful; I find [my daughter] is much more attuned to sharing and taking turns.  And of course the songs we learn and sing in class, especially the Shabbat songs, are a welcome addition to our repertoire at home!"

--Sandra, mother of a 2-year-old

"The boys and I loved Musical Infants.  As a parent of twins, I found this was a fun activity that allowed me to engage with both of the boys.  The benefits of Musical Infants extended beyond the 45 minutes a week that we spent at the JCC -- the class reminded me of the songs I sang when I was little and encouraged me to make music a part of our daily lives.  Without this class I might never have discovered that no matter what type of mood the boys are in, Thumbkin makes them smile!"

-- Mother of twin boys

"[Music and Me with Ms. Sara] is very nicely done. Sara chooses interactive music & songs,and has nice props. My daughter LOVES this class. She gets excited the minute she strolls into the JCC."
--Kathleen, mother of a 10-month-old girl

"I wanted to just write a note to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed the Getting Ready for Preschool class these past two sessions! The teacher was simply wonderful, and the perfect balance when there are so many parents in the room.  It was because of her kindness, openness and gentle leadership that [my daughter] truly blossomed during our time in the class. We discovered her love of drawing, painting and arts and crafts, she has taken to singing many of the songs on her own day and night, and her gross motor skills are miles ahead of where they were before we found Motion Commotion! I am kicking myself for not signing up this summer, we will truly miss our time at the JCC. So I thank you and everyone involved in making the class happen. It was such a special time for us, it will be a time I will remember for years to come."

--Kate, mother of a 2-year-old

"We LOVE Movin' with Ms. Michelle! Good music--not too babyish or commercial (no Sesame Street, Wiggles, etc.).  Amount and types of movement is just right for the age.
--MM, mother of a 2-year-old

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