Information and FAQs for CampMinder Registration

We use a system called Camp Minder for all Parenting Center classes, which allows you to register for multiple classes simultaneously and to see your family’s registration history in an integrated way.  This system is also used for our preschool, camp, and school-age enrichment classes (with the exception of swim classes!), so you will be able to maintain the same account during your family's years with the EDCJCC.  

When you click the “Register for Classes” buttons or links, you will be taken to the CampMinder page (the link will start with for the “Participant Application.”  You’ll either register as a new user or have the opportunity to update your current user profile.


The first time that you log into CampMinder, it will take a few minutes to get your account set up.  But once you have set up a CampMinder account, you will be able to register for all EDCJCC kid programs much more quickly and easily in the future.  You will only have to enter all of your registration information the first time you log in!

When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted with some questions about you (the parent) so that you can create an account.
NOTE: Some families have already been entered into the system (primarily those with older children in our camp or preschool), so when you type in your info it may tell you that you already have an account. If this happens, click on the link to “email a reset account invitation.” This will send an email with a link allowing you to create security questions and a password.

When you enter your initial parent info, a window may pop up asking if there are any “other email addresses.” If you are certain that you or a partner haven’t registered for an EDCJCC camp, class, or preschool program (including the waitlist) in the past, you can click “skip” at this point to continue the registration process.  If you have been to the EDCJCC before, please try another email address when prompted, maybe a work or a personal email if you initially offered the opposite.  Consider trying the email address of a spouse or partner—it will save you time in setting up your account if you check this first. (We are trying to integrate the whole family into one account to make your life easier. You can always update your email address or add another address to the account.)

Once you have set up a password, you will be brought to the Participant Application page. 
Please keep the following points in mind on this page:

•    Don’t worry about accurately reporting how you first heard about us – just choosing “Google search” is fine, even if not true. 
•    When it asks you to select a season, choose the calendar year in which the classes will occur.  For example, if you want to register for classes that begin in November 2014, choose the 2014 season. If the classes begin in March 2015, choose the 2015 season.  
•    When the Child Information section pops up, some families will have a child listed in their account; others will need to add a child. You can do this by clicking “Another Child" or "Add Child” and filling out the necessary information.  If a child is listed already but you want to register a different child for classes, click “Another Child" or "Add Child.” If you are registering more than one child for classes, just add one child for now and proceed with the application.  You will go back and add a second child later.  
•    When it asks for “grade level,” use the key that appears in the blue box above.  Enter “toddler” if your child is age 2 or younger (even if infant or not yet born).  Enter “Nursery” if your child is 3.  Enter “Pre-K” if your child is 4. If your child is on the border between two “grades,” enter the older one. 
•    If your child is not yet in school, just leave the questions about school blank. 
•    For the t-shirt question, choose the most appropriate t-shirt size, but don’t worry if your child is smaller than 2T.  We don’t have Parenting Center t-shirts (yet!) so it doesn’t matter if the size you list is accurate.

Once you have filled in the info you can click “Begin Application” to start the next step.
This landing page contains many different program options for the EDCJCC, including Parenting Center, camp, afterschool enrichment classes (for pre-K and older), and preschool.  On this page, you can now expand the page by clicking the “show programs” button in the Parenting Center section to register for as many Parenting Center classes as you would like. For example you can check "PAC Fall I Power Tots Gymnastics at 9:30", "PAC Fall Makin’ Music with Ms. Michelle", and also "PAC Fall II Getting Ready for Preschool on Mondays" if you want to register for all three classes at this time. All of the Parenting Center class options begin with the letters PAC.  Once you have selected all of the programs you are interested in for your child, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Continue.”  (You can always go back into your account later and add more classes if they still have spots open.)

The next few pages will ask for household information, emergency contacts and finally billing info.   Again, you will not have to enter all this information each time you register!

On the Payment Info page, please select the “Parenting Center Payment” option. 

On the Terms and Conditions Page, please scroll down past the Camp and Afterschool section to read the Parenting Center Terms and Conditions.  These are also found here.

Once you submit your application, you will be given the option to “Begin a New Application.”  Choose this option if you want to register an additional child for this session.

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.  Please be aware that this does NOT necessarily mean that you have registered for the class; this email is different from the receipt that you will receive when your registration has been confirmed and your credit card has been charged.

Please be aware that your registration is not confirmed until you receive an emailed receipt stating that your credit card has been charged.  Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received (all Parenting Center classes operate on a first come, first served basis).  Submission of your application does not automatically mean that you are enrolled in the class.  We will do our best to process applications quickly, but please know that there may be some lag time between when you submit your application and when you know whether or not you have a spot in the class or whether you are on the waitlist.

If you have two or more children, you will need to register them individually for the programs. Finish the application for your first child, and then click on "Begin a New Application" to start the process for your second.  When you get back to the first page, click "Add a Child" and then enter the information about the second child (or select the additional child if he/she is already in our system).  It will look like you are paying full price for both children, but a 10% sibling discount off the second child will be applied when your registration is processed.  

To Log in to your account after registering once, you can go here:
On your Dashboard, you will have the following options:
•    Forms and Documents: Permission slips, health history forms, and more (you will be notified if any forms are required for your class). 
•    Participant Application: register for classes and programs
•    Financial Management: update contact info, view your statements, print invoices, pay your balance, check enrolled sessions.

If you want to check which classes you have already registered for, log in at and choose the Financial Management option. Once you are on the Financial Management page, be sure the drop down menu is set to the correct calendar year and then scroll down and click on "View Statement."  This will open up a PDF that lists all of your enrolled sessions and the status of your account. 

If you have any questions about the application or the system in general please email Miriam Szubin, the Director of the Parenting Center, at

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Miriam Szubin
Director of the Parenting Center
p. (202) 777-3263
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