Hadar at the EDCJCC
Hadar is an educational institution that empowers Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing communities of Torah learning, prayer, and service. Hadar at the EDCJCC is the only Hadar program offered at any JCC across the country which engages the DC community in cross-cultural exchange via opportunities to experience and learn about Jewish culture, regardless of a participant's background or affiliation.
Upcoming Events

Compassion, Love, and the American Future: Rabbi Shai Held in Conversation with Martha Nussbaum
Moderated by Larissa MacFarquhar
Thursday, March 15
8:00 PM at the
Edlavitch DCJCC

Join us for a lively and engaging conversation which will examine the role of compassion and humanity in today’s world, where these values seem almost passé. This panel will feature Rabbi Shai Held, co-founder of the Hadar Institute, one of the most innovative Jewish educational institutions in the world; Martha Nussbaum, one of America’s foremost authors and philosophers; and moderator Larissa MacFarquhar, staff writer at The New Yorker.
Stories That Touch Our Lives - Narratives in the Jewish Tradition
Tuesday, March 6 | Tuesday, May 8
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM at The Parc Somerset

Join the Edlavitch DCJCC and Hadar for a Ladies-only Lunch and Learn, titled "Stories That Touch Our Lives - Narratives in the Jewish Tradition." Rabbis Elie Kaunfer, Avi Killip, and Ethan Tucker will lead us in text study and discussion at the Somerset House.

Together we will explore a number of stories in the Jewish tradition that touch at the core of what it means to be human. We will explore themes of love, loss, and leadership, in a highly engaging group setting.

Freedom and Redemption: A Day of Learning in Preparation for Passover with Hadar
Sunday, March 18
2:00 PM
– 5:00 PM at the Edlavitch DCJCC

Join the EDCJCC as we welcome Hadar into our Center for an afternoon workshop. This learning program will include a panel and a breakout session. Each session will bring open-hearted and passionate discussions coupled with deep classical text study and new interpretations for a modern age.