Jewish.  We are committed to enhancing the vitality of Jewish life.

Community.  We strive to be a vital force in the major communities we serve:  our neighborhood, city, the metropolitan area and the Jewish community here and abroad.

Teamwork.  The staff and leadership of the Center are a team.  We seek to use the strengths of each of our members to reach our goals.  We help each other.  Every activity is important and it is our responsibility to help ensure that the Center and all our activities run as effectively as possible.

Diversity.  We welcome all members of the community regardless of race, religion, economic situation, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristics.

Personal Development.   We encourage our staff, leadership, and volunteers to truly enjoy their work.  We believe in continuous learning, personal development, recognition, and rewards.

Responsibility.  We conduct ourselves ethically at all times.

Excellence.  We set high standards for ourselves.  We strive for excellence in all we do.  We are proud of our work and our accomplishments.

Hospitality.  We seek to be known for our friendliness, courtesy, and helpfulness.  All who enter the facility are our honored guests and we will do all possible to make them feel comfortable, secure and special.  The Center is the home of the Jewish Community and we seek to keep clean and orderly for the comfort of our members and guests.

The Edlavitch DCJCC programs are open to everyone
regardless of Membership status with the exception of
certain Fitness Center programs and spaces.

Membership is available to anyone wishing to join
the Edlavitch DCJCC community.