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Body Awareness
Our Class
Woody Sez
Apples from the Desert
Boged: Enemy of the People
Andy and the Shadows
The Hampton Years

The Hampton Years Press 

‘The Hampton Years’ skillfully deals with race, religion, gender during WWII - Baltimore Post Examiner, by Megan Kuhn, June 10, 2013

The Hampton Years: Robert Aubry Davis, Jane Horwitz and Chris Klimek discuss the play. - WETA Around Town, Jun. 7, 2013 CLICK FOR VIDEO

"The Hampton Years Looks at Black/Jewish Relationships" - Washington City Paper, by Sophia Bushong Jun. 7, 2013

Review: "The struggle to be an artist" - Washington DC Examiner, by Barbara Mackay, June 6, 2013

Review: "In segregated, wartime America, making art against the odds" - Washington Post, Peter Marks

"Local playwright Jacqueline E. Lawton’s world premiere play gracefully tackles questions about race, education, and art" - Washingtonian, Missy Frederick

"The Hampton Years is a fantastic success" - DC Metro Theatre Arts, Amanda Gunther

DC playwright Jacqueline Lawton on The Hampton Years, getting its first production at Theater J - DC Theatre Scene, by Hunter Styles, June 3, 2013

Two D.C. theaters test new models for putting new plays onstage - The Washington Post, Nelson Pressley

Theater J Lifts Curtain on "The Hampton Years"
- Washington Examiner, Jenet Dechary

‘The Playwright’s Playground Series’ featuring Jacqueline E. Lawton - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - DC Metro Theater Arts, by Sydney-Chanele Dawkins

'The Hampton Years' - HBCU History Newsletter, Founding Editor Crystal A. deGregory

Art History, Center Stage
- The International Review of African American Art, Misty Brown and Dianne Whitfield-Locke

History holds no terrors for Jacqueline E. Lawton - American Theatre Magazine, May Issue

A D.C. playwright’s tale of a refugee professor and the artists he inspired - The Washington Post, Jessica Goldstein, May 7, 2013

Andy and the Shadows Press 

"[Andy's] got duende to spare" - Washington City Paper, Chris Klimek

" and erudite dialogue" - Washington Jewish Week, Lisa Traiger

"Andy" finds laughter in a house of sorrows
- The Washington Post, Peter Marks

‘Andy and the Shadows’...a work of outstanding artistry. - DC Metro Theater Arts, Flora Scott

A polished and witty production - DC Broadway World, Elizabeth Bruce

In the Shadow of History, featuring Ari Roth - Washingtonian

Ari Roth in the Search for Duende - Theatre Washington, Jojo Ruf

A Playwright Confronts his Shadows - The Forward, Lisa Traiger

'Shadows' of the past at Theater J - Washington Examiner, Barbara Mackay


Review: "...controversial case feels more relevant than ever" - Washingtonian, Missy Frederick

‘Race’ at Theater J - DC Metro Theater Arts, Sydney-Chanele Dawkins

'Race' and veracity at Theater J - Washington Jewish Week, Lisa Traiger

'Race' at Theater J Reviewed - Washington City Paper, Bob Mondello

'Race'...a quartet of strong portrayals -The Washington Post, Peter Marks

Boged (Traitor): An Enemy of the People

Review:"...a significant—and successful—reworking of the classic" - Washingtonian, Missy Frederick

Review: In Theater J’s ‘Boged,’ an Israeli whistleblower is seen as toxic - The Washington Post, Peter Marks

Review: In a time plagued with controversy, a thought-provoking intensely profound new work - DC Metro Theater Arts, Amanda Gunther

Review: Boged Hits it’s mark - The Georgetown Dish, Judith Beermann

Review: " inspiring play, covering delicate themes of corruption, greed, and power" - The Georgetown Voice, Dayana Gomez

Review: "'s well worth your time" - MD Theatre Guide, Elliot Lanes

Israeli tensions spill onto the stage in new 'Enemy of the People' - The Washington Post, Nelson Pressley

'Boged'...relevant to Israeli audiences
- Washington Jewish Week, Lisa Traiger

Apples from the Desert

"thoughtfully acted in Johanna Gruenhut’s able, pointed production"  The Washington Post, Nelson Pressley

Apples from the Desert at Theater J  Washingtonian, Gwendolyn Purdom

Apples from the Desert at Theater J  DC Metro Theater Arts, Doug Poms

Theatre Review: Apples from the Desert - Maryland Theatre Guide, Robert Michael Oliver

Apples from the Desert - DC Theatre Scene, Hunter Styles

Voices from Apples from the Desert: With Johanna Gruenhut, Michael Tolaydo and Ari Roth
December 24, 2012 - DC Metro Theater Arts, By Jeffrey Walker

Apples from the Desert, Reviewed - Washington City Paper, Rebecca Ritzel

Apples - Relevant In Today's Israel - Washington Jewish Week, Lisa Traiger

Woody Sez: The Life & Music of Woody Guthrie Press 

A touching and haunting tribute to the troubadour of hard times, “Woody Sez” is an evening of great folk music and a portrait of a restless soul.   Washingtonian, Leslie Milk

Bound For Glory   Washington Post, Peter Marks

A Touch of Jewish Soul    Washington Jewish Week, Lisa Traiger

This Musical Revue Kills Facists    Washington City Paper,  Chris Klimek

‘Woody Sez: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie’ at Theater J  DC Metro Theatre Arts,  Mike Spain

Woody Sez: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie   DC Theatre Scene, Travis Andrews

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Our Class Press


The benighted graduates of the harrowing ‘Our Class’  Washington Post,  Peter Marks

Theater Review: “Our Class” at Theater J  Washingtonian, Sophie Gilbert

In a Polish town in the decades leading up to World War II, the best of humanity and the worst   Washington City Paper, Ian Buckwalter

Theater J's OUR CLASS Is Compelling, Insightful   Broadway World Reviews, Jennifer Perry

Theatre Review of "Our Class" at Theater J   MD Theatre Guide, James Miller

Our Class Review  CurtainUp, Susan Davidson

Our Class, Review   DC Theatre Scene, Jeffrey Walker

A dark day 'Our Class' recalls horrific massacre   Washington Jewish Week,  Lisa Traiger

Setting a horrible record straight   Washington Examiner, Barbara MacKay

Theater J's Our Class Not for the Faint of Heart   Baltimore Post-Examiner  Megan Kuhn

Our Class at Theater J  DC Metro Theatre Arts, Tzai Kahn

WWII drama hits home for Polish American actor   Washington Post, Jessica Goldstein

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Body Awareness Press 

"‘Body Awareness’ at Theater J: Real problems couched in funny business"  Washington Post, Nelson Pressley

"Theater Review: “Body Awareness” This funny, touching production finds fun in a clashing of cultures." Washingtonian, Jane Horwitz

"Body Awareness By Annie BakerWashington City Paper, Chris Klimik

"A kitchen-table drama 'Body Awareness' at Theater JWashington Jewish Week,  Lisa Traiger

"Theatre Review: ‘Body Awareness’ at Theater J"  MD Theatre Guide, April Forrer

"Body Awareness at Theater J"  DC Metro Theatre Arts,  Anne Tsang 

"Theater J's Strong Season Opener BODY AWARENESS"  Broadway World, Jennifer Perry

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