August 25 – September 23

by Annie Baker
Directed by Eleanor Holdridge

Featuring Michael Kramer, Susan Lynskey, Adi Stein and MaryBeth Wise

A touching comedy from the Obie Award-winning author of Circle Mirror Transformation.  It’s Body Awareness Week at Shirley College, and the non-traditional Vermont family members Phyllis, Joyce and their possibly autistic son Jared are rocked by a visiting photographer and his ‘male gaze.’   As sexuality, identity, role modeling and political-correctness get stirred up, the results are both touching and hilarious.

"Unflaggingly entertaining...tart and personable, with just enough unexpected twists..to keep you leaning forward" - Washington Post
"Quick, bright, wry, and disarmingly frank" - Washington Jewish Week
"Funny, smart and emotionally on-target" - Washingtonian

Illustration by Gregory Ferrand

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Mita Schaffer & Tina Martin