BIG NEWS! The Edlavitch DCJCC will embark on a 10-month renovation of its historic building this September. Our vision is to create a world-class facility that is a “town square” for everyone. We want to do more of what we do best -- early childhood education and programs for children and their families, community service projects and volunteer opportunities for all ages, and cultural and arts programming with high-level offerings. We will expand our classes and workshops, refresh our health and fitness center, enhance spaces for cultural programs that connect adults of all ages and backgrounds to one another, and continue to be a welcoming place for all. The Edlavitch DCJCC will continue to write the Jewish story in the nation’s capital and help secure a strong Jewish future.

What will the renovation cover?

The Campaign/Renovation will focus on three main items:

    1. General Building Enhancements: A Modern Facility
      As our building welcomes more and more people of all ages through its doors, we must take steps to adapt. This is a building for the 21st century and it needs to grow with the times. We need space to gather, connect over coffee, and collaborate as a community. Our plans include modernizing the building, enhancing operations and security, and making the building more energy efficient.

    2. Early Childhood, Youth, and Family: Additional Space
      The continued growth of young professionals in the city has led to a burgeoning of families interested in the EDCJCC’s Early Childhood, Youth, and Family (ECYF) program. We plan to increase capacity, augment security, improve technology, and enhance operational efficiency by consolidating and expanding space for ECYF programming. This space will include new classrooms, a dedicated elevator and stairway to enhance security for the preschool, and indoor play spaces.

    3. A Second Arts and Multi-Use Space
      Theater, film, and music—we bring it all to the community. In our current building, programming is limited by our single arts space. Our vision is to have theater, film, and music simultaneously taking place throughout the building. Plans include a second flexible arts space which will support our world-class culture and arts programs and offer the opportunity to expand other programming and revenue.

When will the closure begin, and when will the J reopen?
The tentative schedule is that the building will close at the end of August, renovations beginning shortly thereafer, and reopen 8 - 10 months later - Spring 2019.

How will I be updated on what’s going on while the J is closed?

The EDCJCC will rely heavily on digital communication, mostly in the forms of email and Facebook. We encourage you to register for the EDCJCC’s weekly email, The Shortlist, by clicking here or visiting

UPDATED! What will happen to the parking lot?
As of Thursday, August 2, the parking lot will be closed for the duration of the construction period. We have been working closely with DDOT in order to have 5 additional drop off/pick-up spaces of 15 minutes duration, during the day, on Q Street in front of the JCC. This will give us a total of 8 spaces directly in front of our building for drop-off/pick up.  We expect the change of signage for this to be taking place in the very near future, and these additional drop-off/pick-up spots will remain not only during the construction period but also after we return to the building. We would like to remind everyone to please not park in the alley across from the EDCJCC, and to carefully follow all traffic and parking signs in the neighborhood.

Are the bike racks still accessible at the 16th Street Building?
Yes, you can park and lock your bike at the racks adjacent to our parking lot until further notice.

What about the other programs at the EDCJCC, including Theater J?
The EDCJCC is thrilled to be presenting all programs “around town” in cultural destinations and neighborhood venues throughout the city.

Programs include, but are not limited to, Theater J, the Washington Jewish Film and Music Festivals, GLOE (LGBTQ), EntryPointDC (young professionals), Judaics, the Parenting Center, Family Programs, After-School, Inclusion & Disabilities, Community Service, Aquatics & Fitness (including Group Exercise), Workshops & Talks, and Social Justice. In addition to signing up for the Shortlist, we strongly encourage signing up for the individual programmatic emails so you can stay in the loop with your favorite EDCJCC programs. You can do so by visiting

What happens to my fitness membership?
We’ve been working closely with community partners to ensure you continue to have access to quality fitness options — including a fitness center, pool, and group exercise classes — all within a quick walk of the EDCJCC. To learn more, please scroll to the “EDCJCC Membership Renovation FAQs" below, or contact


In general, what about the fitness center will change with the renovation?
Your fitness center and locker rooms are being completely renovated! In addition to all the things you won’t “see,” such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical upgrades, you can look forward to all new finishes, fixtures, fitness equipment, and lockers. We’ll also be adding a family friendly private changing room with its own shower and restroom.

What options are available to fitness members?

  • VIDA Fitness (1517 15th Street, NW): includes cardio and strength and weight training equipment, group exercise classes, locker rooms with amenities and towel service, sauna and steam rooms, and access to Endless Pools® by reservation.
  • University Club (1135 16th Street, NW): includes access to five-lane indoor lap pool (60’ long, 5’ deep, heated to 84 degrees), locker rooms, a casual cafe at the aquatic facility, and aqua fitness classes for an additional fee.
  • Strength & Stretch Class at Foundry United Methodist Church (1500 16th Street, NW): classes will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 AM with a monthly class enrollment fee. Drop-in classes available as space allows.

When are we no longer able to use the JCC gym?

We will be fully functional until late August, with the final close date TBD. We’ll update this information as soon as possible.

How do I confirm I’m staying a member during the renovation?
Please fill out this Google Form to confirm your continued membership, or reach out to Tena Howell at Be sure to let us know which facilities you’d like access to.

How do I get started?

  • VIDA: confirm your continued membership with the EDCJCC by filling out this Google Form or contacting – make sure to note you’ll be accessing Vida. On September 1, simply walk into VIDA with your driver’s license and finalize your waiver.
  • University Club: confirm your continued membership with the EDCJCC by filling out this Google Form or contacting – make sure to note you’ll be accessing University Club. Member Services will issue you a membership status letter that you’ll need to bring, along with your JCC Photo ID, to your first visit.
  • Strength & Stretch: we’ll be sending out an update as soon as the class enrollment is available online. The monthly enrollment fee is $40. Drop in classes will be offered as space allows at a fee of $7/class.

What is the membership cost during the renovation?
  • All monthly memberships will cost $85 + tax per adult per month beginning with September billing. Billing will continue to go through the EDCJCC Membership office.
  • Memberships paid in advance will renew at the monthly price above at the end of the current term.
  • Membership dues include both VIDA Fitness Center and The University Club lap pool.

Will I be able to meet with my JCC Personal Trainer at VIDA?

  • Many of our trainers work with VIDA Fitness, or at other locations close by. We recommend speaking with your trainer about their plans, then following up with Tena Howell in Membership to find the best fit.
  • VIDA does offer personal training on-site. For more information about working with a current VIDA trainer, contact Catherine Doyle, VIDA PT Manager, at

Will Vida or University Club allow me a one-day pass before making a decision?

Both locations offer a tour. Memberships are month-to-month with a one month notice to cancel, so give it a try for the first month! VIDA offers tours between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. University Club offers tours by appointment – to make a reservation, email

If I try continuing with VIDA/University Club for a month or two and it's not working for me, are you saying that I can cancel my JCC membership with no penalty as long as I give 30 days’ notice?

That’s correct. We ask for one month notice to cancel, and there is no cancellation fee.

Is there an expected rate increases once everything is back open?

We’re still exploring the details of what equipment, programs, and amenities we’ll be offering when we reopen, which will help us determine rates moving forward. As soon as we know, we’ll post an update.

If I stop my membership and come back when the renovation is finished, will we be grandfathered back in to what our rate was before?

Once we’ve set rates moving forward we will reach out to all of our past members with updates specific to their previous membership packages.

What will happen to the children’s classes and private swim?

  • All children’s aquatics classes and private lessons will be paused during the renovation.
  • Parenting Center classes for kids and parents will be offered and you can find Fall 2018 schedule information here or by contacting Miriam Szubin at

What will happen to current EDCJCC group exercise classes (body pump, yoga, etc.)?
  • With the exception of Strength & Stretch, we will not be hosting our current group exercise classes. You will have access to the extensive class offerings included in VIDA membership, which can be found online at

Will I be able to use squash courts at University Club?

  • EDCJCC Members will only have access to the aquatics center at the University Club

What are the guest pass policies?

  • VIDA: Members receive two free anytime/anyone guest passes, plus once monthly free guest days as part of a member appreciation day. You can also provide references for up to five guests who will each be offered a one-week trial.
  • University Club: EDCJCC Members cannot bring guests to the University Club pool.